Imagine being able to work with best no matter where you or they were located? SmartArena allows you to do that. As a member, you can upload your latest run, book time with an expert coach, and get the live feedback that will make you more efficient and competitive in your sport.

How Smart Arena® Selects it's Coaches

​SmartArena is as serious about selecting its coaches as you are about your sport. We rigorously evaluate potential coaches first and foremost on their professional equine sport experience, the depth and breadth of their coaching experience, and their ability to coach effectively in an online environment. User reviews also ultimately factor into our review process. Our coaches are recognized names in the sport, many of whom have competed at the National Finals Rodeo and other prestigious competitions. Their years of experience are yours to gain.

How to Choose the Best Coach for your Training Needs

​We highly prioritize finding the best matches between coaches and students. Coach profiles are tagged with their fit for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students, and you can read about their individual areas of expertise, too. Have a question about a coach? We’re happy to answer it.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Smart Arena better than other options?

With SmartArena coaching, you can have access to some of the top names in team roping without traveling across the entire country to do it. Our one-on-one coaching sessions happen live online, so you can review video with your coach and get answers to your questions right then.

What caliber are the coaches?

SmartArena coaches are athletes at the top of their sport. Many of these recognized names in roping have competed in National Finals Rodeo, and they all have incredible expertise and experience to offer you.

How do I know if the coaching is helping me?

One of the things that sets SmartArena apart is our statistic tracking. You’ll be able to monitor your catch percentages, efficiency, along with lots of other stats, and see the improvement over the course of your sessions.

Do I need expensive equipment

No expensive equipment is needed to use SmartArena coaching. You can take and upload videos via your smartphone, or, if you prefer higher-quality video, you can always upgrade from our Smart Arena shop.

Is there a set schedule for the coaching sessions?

No. Schedules for coaching sessions are worked out on an individual basis between the rider and his or her coach, although we recommend spacing sessions about a week apart when possible.

How do I become a Smart Arena Coach?

Find out and fill out this simple survey HERE


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